ODOT Keeps Roads Safe

by Kelly Choate on January 21, 2012 at 5:32 am

The storm kept the Ohio Department of Transportation busy.  Twenty trucks salted and plowed Muskingum County roads through Saturday afternoon.

ODOT Transportation Manager for Muskingum County Raymond Dailey said the wintry mix made it difficult for crews to stick with a plan since there’s different protocol for rain, sleet and snow.  He said ODOT always takes traffic volume into consideration when developing the routes.

"We have three different priority routes," said Dailey.  "Our first priority is always Interstate 70 and a lot of our main roads like State Route 60, State Route 146, State Route 16, and then we get into our secondaries, which would be U.S. 22, U.S. 40 and finally down to our third priority routes," said Dailey.

ODOT didn’t have a lot of time in between Thursday night’s snowfall and Friday night’s icy conditions.  Dailey said back-to-back storms put extra pressure on workers to keep the roads safe.

"We prefer to have a little break between them, but mother nature doesn’t always cooperate," said Dailey.  "It wears on the people over time if you keep having storm after storm, not to mention the equipment sometimes breaking down.  Fortunately we had enough of a break between these two that we were able to get some rest and get all of the equipment back up and running."

Dailey said the county has plenty of salt stockpiled since our area has experienced a relatively mild winter up to this point.