Operation Spirit Presented with American Flag

by Danielle Cotterman on January 27, 2012 at 5:09 am

For several months a local Airman has been receiving care packages in Afghanistan, but it wasn’t until Friday he met the woman they were addressed by….

Staff Sergeant Tim Mahon of the Air National Guard grew up in Zanesville, yet he never met the Director of Operation Spirit Melody Pittman until he began receiving care packages in the mail.

"She just sends all the stuff and it gets addressed to me and I distribute it out to the troops and my squadron and over to Wounded Warrior," said Mahon. "It’s a feeling, that’s really hard to describe, it’s like having a second Mom, you just can’t wait to meet her."

Pittman has been shipping care packages to troops overseas for years. But this is only the second time she’s been presented with an American Flag- a token of appreciation.

"I always tell people my tears are my joy over flowing, it’s just really wonderful, joyful, to be able to help them and do things," said Pittman. "We were able to not only touch Tim’s life, but dozens of the other troops that are over there."

To learn more about Operation Spirit, visit www.OpSprit.com.