OUZ Switching to Semesters

by Kelly Choate on January 20, 2012 at 6:25 am

Ohio University Zanesville is joining a trend that’s sweeping across the state.

Associate Dean Dr. Alan Punches said all of Ohio University’s regional campuses will be transitioning from quarters to semesters.  He said the project has been in the works for several years, and it should have a positive impact on the entire OUZ community.

"From a classroom standpoint, you can do more in a semester than you can in a ten week quarter," said Punches.  "In a ten week quarter, it’s so compact and restrictive, you don’t have time in some classes to give a student a paper back and then have them revise it and get it back.  With a semester, you can."

Punches said the switch will also help transfer students adjust to a semester schedule.  He said another advantage is that less time will be spent on the class registration process, which often distracts administrators from addressing other student needs.  Punches said students have voiced their concerns regarding the transition.

"They are somewhat nervous," said Punches.  "I think a lot of the nervousness comes from not knowing what to expect.  Some of it comes from financial aid, because financial aid is going to need to be adjusted from receiving it in three increments to receiving it in two."

The new schedule will go into effect this fall.  Punches said advisers are meeting with students to prepare them for what’s ahead.