Powerball Sales Decline at Local Retailer

by WHIZ Reporter on January 16, 2012 at 7:41 am

Ohio Lottery patrons saw an increase in Powerball prices Sunday and one local retailer saw a decline in sales. Ticket prices for the popular lottery drawing doubled, along with the minimum jackpot.

Mother Tuckers gas station on Sharon Avenue reported a decline in sales of Powerball.

Patrons who declined to speak on camera expressed an overall dissatisfaction regarding the price increase. Cashier Jacob Wood believes people just don’t want to pay more.

"I sold one Monday… none Sunday. People just don’t really want to pay the extra dollar," said Wood. "They think that the lottery is just out to get more money."

Most patrons seem to prefer scratch-off tickets, because they feel they have better odds and the winnings are instant.

Mark Lane said those who are buying tickets are not adding on the one dollar multipliers that would multiply a player’s winnings. Lane also said despite the higher prices, there will still be patrons willing to pay up the extra money.

"Some people have played it for years, and they ain’t going to change their ways," said Lane. "Just like cigarettes and everything goes up, It ain’t going to stop them, they’re still going to play."

The Ohio Lottery has not released official sales figures from Sunday’s Powerball purchases.