Preparation for First Snowfall Begins

by Kelly Choate on January 12, 2012 at 7:13 am

Southeast Ohio is expected to see its first snowfall Thursday night, and the Ohio Department of Transportation is preparing for what could be a messy morning commute on Friday.

Transportation Administrator for Muskingum County Raymond Dailey said his workers are getting the trucks ready by filling them up with fuel and checking the tire pressure.  He said the rain limits how much preparation can be done before the storm hits.

"We won’t be able to pre-treat since it’s starting out as rain," said Dailey.  "Our brine would basically just wash off the roads, so we’ll be monitoring the weather, and as the temperatures drop, we’ll be out right before it gets to the freezing point, so we can begin applying salt."

Dailey said he doesn’t anticipate any major problems, but because drivers haven’t had to deal with dangerous road conditions this winter, he encourages everyone to take precautions, especially during morning rush hour.

"It seems like the first big snowfall everyone forgets how to drive in the snow," said Dailey.  "I would like to remind people to leave a little early for their destination, take it a little slow, be careful of bridges, curves and shaded areas where the roads could be slicker.  Don’t be hitting the brakes really hard."

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