Price of Powerball Rising

by WHIZ Reporter on January 2, 2012 at 8:05 am

Ohio Lottery players can expect to pay twice as much for their chance at a big cash prize.

Players of the Ohio Lottery’s Powerball drawings will see ticket prices go up from one to two dollars. With the doubling in price comes a doubling of the jackpot as well, which will start at 40 million dollars. At Mother Tucker’s gas station on Sharon Avenue, cashier, Erik Land believed the hike in price might actually help improve ticket sales.

"They’ll think that since the ticket price will go up, people will start buying less, and then they’ll think that they’ll have the better odds of winning the jackpot, since the jackpot is also doubling. So then this might wind up that they’ll sell twice as many many tickets as they did before." said Land.

Land said sales of print-off tickets, like Powerball, sell the most the day before the drawing happens. However, most of his patrons seem to prefer scratch-off tickets, because they feel they have better odds and the winnings are instant.

"All they have to do is just pull it off and scratch it to see if they’re an instant winner Most people I don’t think have the patience to wait a week or a couple of days to see if they win." said Land.

The price change takes effect on January 15th.