Residents Stock Up on Winter Supplies

by WHIZ Reporter on January 20, 2012 at 5:30 am

In preparation for Friday’s winter weather, many people found themselves stocking up on supplies at local stores.

The Pick-N-Save on Howard Street was bustling with activity Friday afternoon as shoppers picked up necessary supplies, such as food, shovels and salt.
Manager, Rich Daugherty said shoppers at his store are preparing for the possibility of losing power.

"Of course, salt, bread, milk, a lot of canned soups. Anything they can make quick, I think some people are getting prepared in case they would lose power, they would have something to eat," said Daugherty

Given the mild winter the area has seen so far, Daugherty said people tend to wait until the last minute to buy supplies.

"We’ve been kind of spoiled this year, people will wait and see if it’s going to happen or not, and, they’re now realizing that it is." added Daugherty.  "I think most of it is the ice that’s coming, that’s scaring them more than the snow. "

Daugherty said his store is well stocked on all of his winter supplies.