Results of Increased Holiday Enforcement

by Danielle Cotterman on January 3, 2012 at 7:01 am

The numbers are in following the State Highway Patrols amped-up enforcement during the holiday weekend.

During the New Year’s Eve holiday, stretching from December 30th through January 2nd the State Highway Patrol in Muskingum County made a total of 180 traffic stops, 80 of which resulted in enforcement action and three resulting in OVI arrests.

"Traditionally New Year’s eve is more of a party or celebration holiday where people drink a little bit more," expressed Lt. Steven Rine. "We just tell them to be a little bit more responsible with their actions so we get out on the roads and do a little bit more strict enforcement."

Lt. Rine said these numbers are similar to last year during the four day stretch.

Patrol records for the year of 2011 show a total of 8 traffic fatalities in Muskingum County, this is a significant reduction compared to 2010 – when there were 15 fatalities.

"I think there is a direct correlation between our enforcement efforts and the reduction in fatal crashes," said Rine. "When you see the lights out and people getting pulled over, just people stopping and getting stopped you’re going to have tendency to pay attention."

The patrol said across the state 13 people were killed in accidents during the holiday weekend…Which is up from 10 fatalities during the same time last year.

Highway Patrol reminds motorists to drive with caution through out the year and if you see someone driving under the influence call 1-800- GRAB-DUI.