Rupe Steps Down at Crooksville

by Jed DeMuesy on January 4, 2012 at 9:32 am

The new year quickly bringing new challenges to the Crooksville football team.

After four years, Dave Rupe deciding to resign his position as head football coach, making his resignation official yesterday. Rupe finished an even 20-20 from 2008-2011, never winning or losing more than six games in any given season. In a brief interview with WHIZ Wednesday afternoon, Rupe citing the need to spend more time with his young family as the reason behind this decision. "I have two young children, one and four. Spending time with them over the holidays, I realized I needed to make this choice."

Rupe, who will remain at Crooksville high school as the athletic director, did not rule out a return to the coaching profession. "I don’t think I’ve exhausted myself in the game of football, I enjoy the life lessons, and wouldn’t rule anything out. This is just the right decision right now."

Rupe will be a part of the committee that chooses his successor, saying that the hiring process will begin immediately.