Shoppers Stock Up On Salt

by Kelly Choate on January 21, 2012 at 5:39 am

Shoppers swarmed the Pick’n Save in Zanesville on Friday to stock up on groceries before the storm hit.

Assistant Store Director Rodney Price was lucky enough to have the day off, but he said milk and bread were flying off the shelves as people prepared for the worst.  Price said the store’s atmosphere is always eerily calm once the snow starts to fall.

"Usually as soon as they mention the word snow, we start getting really busy," said Price.   "We just get slammed, and people come in and buy all of their things.  The next day is slow until maybe later in the afternoon when the weather starts to clear up."

It’s not just food that shoppers are after.  Price said salt is also a hot commodity.  Pick’n Save sells a variety of ice-melting products including rock salt and synthetic materials.

"When it gets to the point when they call for a snow warning, they just want to get whatever they can," said Price.  "Now if they come in before the season starts, they might ask for the one that’s for sidewalks that isn’t supposed to cause damage, but by the time it’s actually coming, they don’t care what it is as long as they have something."

Price said his employees worked hard to keep emergency items in stock for customers.