Spare Tires Disappearing from New Vehicles

by Danielle Cotterman on January 25, 2012 at 5:27 am

The next time you have a flat, you may find yourself with out a spare tire…

To save on gas many car companies are no longer including the spare tire. New government fuel efficiency standards went into effect in 2010 and are set to impact vehicles made between 2012 and 2016.

"One area of focus is actually been to reduce the weight of the vehicles with out compromising the safety," said AAA Spokesperson Kimberly Schwind. "When you look at a spare tire, the jack and all the equipment that goes with it, that could add about 40 lbs. onto the vehicle."

Schwind said far to often car owners don’t even realize their vehicle is missing the spare tire until they go to use it. She suggests those in the market for a new or used vehicle do the research and find out whether or not the vehicle has a spare tire before you buy it.

"Some of the vehicles will come with an optional spare, other vehicles will come with what they call run-flat tires, which actually can run a little ways being flat to help you get to a safe destination," said Schwind "Other cars will have a sealant and inflator kit so you can actually repair a tire or a minor flat."

Schwind said Ohio’s AAA responded to more than 14,000 tire calls last year.