Tilton Takes Over as Mayor of Zanesville

by WHIZ Reporter on January 1, 2012 at 6:30 am

As the new year begins, a new Mayor will take the reigns of Zanesville.

Effective today, Democrat Jeff Tilton takes over as Mayor, replacing Howard Zwelling.
Tilton spoke to us on Wednesday here at the WHIZ Studios, and said that he will need as much help as possible from his city hall staff to make a difference for the city.

" It will be a learning Experience from day one. There’s things that I know, there’s things that I haven’t dealt with in the past that I will have to. That’s why I put people in place to help me… I need all the help I can get with people that know the different departments that I left these people in place, so that we move forward." said Tilton

Mayor Tilton will be sworn into office later this week.