Unseasonably Warm Weather

by WHIZ Reporter on January 31, 2012 at 5:11 am

The final day of January felt like a spring day in May!

Tuesday’s unseasonably warm temperatures made for a great day to be outside or to take an extra long lunch break.

We caught up with walkers at the Bethesda Fitness Trail who were enjoying the warm weather.
Melissa Milliahan and her daughter, Laney, paused to play by the water.  Milliahan said the nice weather gave her a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

"It’s really exciting to get out of the house, and come outside and see the sun a little bit, and just get some exercise and keep up the new years resolution I made," said Milliahan.

Sarah Stillion and young Brandon Longstreth enjoyed their stroll along the path. Stillion is hoping the warm weather sticks around until summer.

"It’s pretty amazing, i’m enjoying it; i’m not complaining," said Stillion.  "It’s like spring, so it’s better than the snow, I can tell you that. "

Chief Meteorologist Wesley Sass said the official high temperature for Zanesville was 63 degrees.