Volunteers Needed for Online Survey

by Danielle Cotterman on January 10, 2012 at 4:40 am

Working towards a healthier community, one local organization is asking for your help….

The Healthier Muskingum County Network is requesting all residents of the county to fill our their online survey. The survey will be used to assess the county on health issues and then be used to put an improvement plan in place.

"Ideas we have so far are, how can we work together, cooperate more, get more bang for our buck," emphasized Community Health Planner Jodie Stones. "How could we combine our budgets and do initiatives as a group versus one budget, that way you have much more strength and a lot more reach in what you do."

The survey takes about 20 minutes to fill out and is completely confidential. Slightly more than 600 people have already taken part in the survey but the organization hopes to reach more than 700 to make a clear assessment.

"It really is being looked at," said Stones. "There is a group that’s going to pull that survey information together, we’re going to highlight it, we’re going to vote on it and it’s just a really great time to let it be known what are the problems, what are the issues in your community that you want addressed."

The network is emphasizing their need for more men to fill out the questionnaire.

The online survey can be found on the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department’s website at www.zmchd.org. A link will be available saying, "It’s not to late to take the Health Survey."

As a reminder only Muskingum County residents can take part.