Warm Weather Saves Disaster Fund

by Danielle Cotterman on January 11, 2012 at 5:20 am

The season’s unusually warm temperatures are having a positive impact on the Red Cross.

According to Executive Director Marlene Henderson of the Muskingum Valley Chapter, the disaster fund in place to help families coping from a house fire has barley been used this season.

"It’s because of our donors, our wonderful donors and United Way that we are able to be there and to help families," said Henderson. "When they’ve lost everything we’re there to give them clothing, food and a place to stay."

Henderson said the reduced number of need is likely due to the warm temperatures with fewer families needing an alternative heat source, like space heaters and wood burners- which can be a fire hazard.

"We will have some cold weather this year and be every prepared with alternative heat sources," warned Henderon. "Make sure you have a smoke detector, it’s that simple to make sure you save a life."

Henderson suggests families take the necessary steps to protect their homes from a fire. For a complete list of fire prevention and a safety checklist, visit  www.redcross.org.