Zanesville/Rosecrans Ticket Situation

by Jed DeMuesy on January 25, 2012 at 3:21 am

If you’re a basketball fan in this community, you have been looking forward to this Friday night for some time. Zanesville will travel to Rogge Gymnasium to take on the Bishops in an ECOL contest. Tickets to the game will be difficult to come by; here’s the information if you want to be in attendance at Rogge, which seats approximately 1,100 people:

Zanesville tickets

The Blue Devils are in the process of distributing their 200 ticket allotment to season ticket holders, students, players and cheerleaders’ families, and administration. Zanesville Athletic Director (and head boys basketball coach) Scott Aronhalt does not anticipate having any tickets remaining for the general public after the sales to the preceding groups. If there are extra, Zanesville will announce a time the general public can purchase Zanesville’s remaining tickets.

Zanesville ticket update (9:00 PM Monday): The Blue Devils have approximately 30 tickets remaining that they will be selling Tuesday night from 6-7 PM at Zanesville High School to season ticket holders only on a first come, first serve basis. Season ticket holders can purchase one ticket for every season ticket they have.

Zanesville ticket update (3:00 PM Wednesday): Zanesville has completely sold out their allotment of tickets.

Rosecrans tickets

Athletic Director Mike Bullock anticipates approximately 350 tickets will be available to the general public after distributing tickets to season ticket holders, students, players and cheerleaders’ families, and administration. Season ticket holders are permitted to purchase two (2) tickets for every season ticket they purchased for the regular season. For example, a family that bought four season tickets will have the ability to purchase eight tickets to the game. The remaining allotment of tickets will be sold on Wednesday night from 7:30-9:30 at Rosecrans High School. Again, the 350 number is an approximate number, there could easily be more or less.

Rosecrans ticket update (11:00 PM Monday): Bullock aprroximates that there will be 300 tickets available for the public sale Wednesday night.

Rosecrans ticket update (3:00 PM Wednesday): Rosecrans will have 75 tickets available during thier public sale this evening.

Other Notes

–Tickets for Friday night’s game will NOT be sold during the Newcomerstown/Rosecrans game Tuesday night.

No passes will be accepted, other than those already distributed. Members of the Eastern District, ECOL, MVL, etc, will have to purchase their tickets as if they were a member of the general public.

There will be no tickets sold the day of the game.

— The parking lot will open at 4:30 Friday, doors to the gym will open at 5 PM. No early admittance.

Rosecrans fans are reminded that the game will be a "Red Out." Wear red to support the Bishops.

If all of the tickets pass you by, you can listen to the game live on AM 1240 The Voice. Pre-game set to begin at 7:10 PM.

WHIZ will be replaying the game as a part of our Century National Bank TV Game of the week coverage. The game will air Saturday, January 28th at 1 PM.