Annual Golf-A-Rama

by WHIZ Reporter on February 5, 2012 at 9:42 am

It’s a golf lover’s dream to shop for the latest and greatest gear.

The Zanesville District Golf Association hosted its annual "Golf-A-Rama" Sunday afternoon at the Knights of Columbus hall.  Vice president Lee Secrist said local vendors donated items for a silent auction.

"Everybody always comes and checks out golf clubs, that’s the first thing," said Secrist.  "They want to fill a void that they had last year, maybe they need to pick up a new club, and then they go straight for the shirts."

Secrist said some of the clubs will sell for about  $200 at the auction.  The event also raises money for scholarships that help high school seniors get ready for college.

"We gave out four levels of scholarships last year, and we continue to do that.  We’ll do it again this year," added Secrist.  "I think we’re up to around $29,000 that we’ve given out to seniors going to college to further education."

A golf tournament will be held in june, and the top three golfers will receive scholarships.