Church Donates Thousands to Hunger Network

by Kelly Choate on February 21, 2012 at 5:02 am

A Zanesville church is giving the gift of a nourishing meal to families across Muskingum County.

Last year members of the First Baptist Church discussed what they could do to better the community.  Pastor Joseph Seese said that food surfaced as the most critical need, so his church donated $8,000 to the Muskingum County Hunger Network.

"We’ve been blessed over the years with people giving to our church, and we’re reminded by the Bible to use our worldly resources to benefit others," said Seese.  "There are so many people that need the benefits and services of the food pantries and hot meal programs, so we thought this was a great investment in their lives."

The donation will benefit 17 food pantries and four hot meal programs in the county.  Treasurer of the Muskingum County Hunger Network Josephine Gillard said the organization will be able to use the cash to purchase thousands of food items at a discounted price.

"Zanesville is a wonderful place," said Gillard.  "I’ve known the people at this church for a long time, and they are very giving.  That’s what it’s all about."

The gift will also help replenish emergency stockpiles of canned food.