College Goal Sunday Helps Hundreds

by Jennifer Bullock on February 12, 2012 at 8:12 am

High school seniors are taking another step forward in their education…

Zane State College hosted "College Goal Sunday" Sunday afternoon, to assist college bound seniors with filling out financial aid paperwork. Chairperson Stacy Bernard said this is the fifth year that Zane State held the event, and the school will continue to help as long as there’s still a need.

"We’ve seen a huge success rate, a lot of people are not comfortable with doing their FAFSA, they’re a lot of first time students, and their parents have never gone so they’re not comfortable with doing their FAFSA, so they come here and they just get help, just with questions that they have, anything that we can help them with," said Bernard.

Bernard said College Goal Sunday required a lot of helping hands because so many students attend.

"We have people from Muskingum College, we have a lot of people from Zane State College, we have people from Scholarship Central, so there’s a lot of people that have financial aid information," said Bernard.

If you were unable attend today’s event, Zane State and Scholarship Central can still help you fill out your FAFSA applications.