Commissioners Receive Building Project Updates

by WHIZ Reporter on February 29, 2012 at 4:11 am

Muskingum County Commissioners met with architects to hear updates on several building projects planned for the area.

Architect Brian Addis and Project Manager Cole Ryan met with Commissioners Monday afternoon, and discussed their project plans.

Among the projects Addis is working on for the area include buildings for Zane State’s Cambridge Campus, Zanesville City Schools and Mid-East Career and Technology Center.

"Zanesville City Schools are wrapping up, are being completed, finishing up some of the last remaining punch-list items. Actually, as a matter of fact, we receive bids tomorrow for the Mid-East Career and Technology Center," said Addis.

Project Manager Cole Ryan said the company is also partnering with other construction and architectural companies for bigger projects.

"We are one of the team members for the Genesis renovation, and expansion. Obviously there is a large project being undertaken. In addition to that though there is going to be a great deal of ancillary work done; doctor’s offices, support spaces, that sort of stuff," said Ryan.

The County Commissioners are also looking to find a tenant for the business incubator on the second floor of Maysville Elementary.