“Dance” For Your Health

by Jennifer Bullock on February 25, 2012 at 5:30 am

It’s the largest health event in Southeastern Ohio…

Saturday, Genesis held its annual "Day of Dance For Your Health" at Colony Square Mall. Marketing and Media Relations Manager Holly Voltz said the event focuses on education, as well as prevention.

"You come in, you get all your screenings, your preliminary screenings, then you’ve got those cardiac experts there, that sit and look at those screenings with you, and actually say ‘Here’s your game plan. Here’s what you should work on, and here’s what you maybe should talk to your physician about’," said Voltz.

Last year, Genesis provided more than 600 people with glucose screenings, cardiac risk assessments… And even some entertainment. Voltz said attendance is up, because people are becoming more health conscious.

"You know, they’re getting more engaged in their health, and that’s really important to do, you know, we’re living longer so we need to take care of our bodies, and so we really need to take charge and action for our health and that’s what we’re trying to teach."

"Day of Dance" is just one of the many health events put on by Genesis.