Day Two: Hearth, Home and Away Show

by Jennifer Bullock on February 18, 2012 at 5:34 am

The Hearth and Home show concluded day two of its weekend display Saturday.

Shoppers at the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville were able to browse projects put together by area vendors. Sales Director of Big "O" Refuse Jeff  Wahl said the event is a great way to get publicity, especially for newer businesses.

"We’re a growing company and we put money back in the community. We support a lot of local youth events, plus, right here shows about 16 different schools where we have scholarships," said Wahl.

The company’s slogan is "Think globally, act locally", and Wahl hopes that they can become more involved in the community.

"Just want to let people know that we’re out here to serve them, and we’re wanting to do more to help out the community, we’re looking for ways that we can support the community and offer free trash toters and dumpsters for community events, non-profits and we do quite a bit to help out."

Sunday will mark the end of the showcase for this year.