E3D Summit At Zane State College

by WHIZ Reporter on February 14, 2012 at 5:28 am

Panelists were on hand for the E3D summit and shared a message of education and cooperation in support of shale drilling.

Zane State President Dr. Paul Brown opened today’s summit at the Campus Center.

Executive Director of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, Rhonda Reda was one of the guest speakers at the summit, and said working with schools like Zane State is important to ensure highly trained people to fill jobs created by shale drilling.

"The reality is that even if we have this great geological gift, if we do not have a well-trained workforce, we’ll never develop this Utica clay," said Reda.  "So we’re looking for community colleges, Zane State, to help us fill those voids in terms of the workforce."

Several panels were put together to engage in an open dialogue about drilling and its economic impact.

Business owners and local government organizations from regions of Ohio and the midwest who have already experimented with shale drilling were also in attendance.

Reda said the focus of her speech is the economic opportunities that present themselves with the exploration, but reiterates that jobs are the most important factor of the process.

"The key though in why were here at Zane State is to make sure that we’ve gotr a workforce, a qualified workforce, so that we can be hiring Ohioans for a lot of these jobs," added Reda

Reda added the Utica Shale project is currently in the leasing and exploration phase and will last about two years.