Elegant Attire Extravaganza

by WHIZ Reporter on February 5, 2012 at 9:50 am

Prom is still a few months away, but that isn’t stopping teens from picking out the perfect dress.

The "Elegant Attire Extravaganza" was held at Accel Hall in Zanesville Sunday. Organizer Pamela Applegate said the event started as a way to help her daughter find a prom dress without breaking the bank.

"I heard so much from the other parents, the same way, that dresses are so expensive, they can’t afford it, so, me and another girl from another site decided to get together and do this, and it’s grown really fast had no idea we were going to have this kind of a turnout whatsoever, " said Applegate

Local vendors provided hair styling and make-up application services for the models in the fashion show. Applegate’s daughter is attending her third prom in May, and she still has her senior prom to look forward to.

"Gowns are getting more expensive it seems it seems like," added Applegate.  "So we want to cut down on the expense, so I told her, her senior year I would go all out for her dress, but not junior year. And if she can buy something she really likes at a fraction of the cost, gently used, then I’m all for it."

Applegate said that clothes don’t sell on hangers, and girls need to see the dresses on the runway.