Free Homework Help Service

Free Homework Help Service

by Kelly Choate on February 6, 2012

Sometimes students are reluctant to ask for help, but an online tool is making it easier for kids to get their work done.

The Muskingum County Library System offers a free homework help service on its website.  Assistant Director Blair Tom said the tutoring sessions are becoming popular, and a record-breaking number of students used the service in January.

"We had 155 sessions, and 74 of those were algebra-based, 23 were social studies and 21 were chemistry, so it aligns with what we see with the schools, because math is really a high need subject area," said Tom.

Tom said kids can be too embarrassed to talk to their teachers and parents might be too busy to lend a hand.  He said this generation of students responds well to new technology.

"They go to the computer for information to learn, to connect, to communicate, so it’s just a very natural way of communicating and reaching out to the student base that we’re providing the service for," said Tom.

Anyone with a Muskingum County library card can access the service by logging on to