Freezing Temperatures on Saturday Morning

by Jennifer Bullock on February 11, 2012 at 6:45 am

Winter came with full force across Southeast Ohio…

On Saturday morning, Zanesville residents woke up to fresh snowfall and freezing temperatures. Business owner Gene Davis said it has been worse in the past, but after such a mild winter, conditions like this take a toll on his business.

"Days like this does, it affects it a lot, because people don’t get out and about on days like this," said Davis.

Most roads were cleared quickly, but Davis said he usually removes the snow from sidewalks to be a good neighbor.

"People’s sidewalks, a lot of them can’t get out and do their sidewalks, and i also do the church lot down here so they can go to church on sunday, and things like that. But i have several people up through here who’s elderly and they can’t get out and have breathing problems," said Davis.

The winter weather advisory expired at 6 p-m on Saturday evening. Follow for the lastest in weather updates, closings and cancellations, as well as advisories.