Funeral Held For Karate Grand Master

Funeral Held For Karate Grand Master

by WHIZ Reporter on February 8, 2012

Friends, family and former students, dressed in karate uniforms, gathered to say a final goodbye to a 7th degree Black Belt Grand Master.

63 year-old Jeffrey Moore died Thursday. A native of Zanesville, Moore founded the Coszacks School of Self-Defense in 1970, and taught martial arts classes at Ohio University, Zanesville.

Funeral Director and close friend, Jeff Hardwick said it’s traditional for a karate gi to be worn to honor a Grand Master.

"When a martial arts instructor, or a black belt does pass away, it’s a tribute to them, it’s an honor to them," said Hardwick. "That wasn’t a new idea, but the fact that he’s the founder of our club, it’s was going to be a little bit more special."

Moore was responsible for the promotion of 37 black belts in his lifetime.

Moore’s service was held this morning at Hillis & Hardwick Funeral Home on Forest Avenue.

Hardwick officiated the ceremony, and recounted his first memory of Grand Master Moore.

"He stood there like a tank; fumanchu mustache, big… giant guy and he scared me to death, and I wanted to quit," added Hardwick. "I wanted to run home and cry, because I didn’t know if I was up to training with this kind of guy, but fortunately we became very good friends, and I was blessed to have 40 years with him."

Hardwick is now a 6th degree black belt.

Moore was laid to rest at Zanesville Memorial Park Cemetery.