Grant Competition for Organizations

by Kelly Choate on February 3, 2012 at 5:32 am

Non-profit organizations in Muskingum County are invited to participate in a grant competition.

The Muskingum County Community Foundation is dishing out $30,000 to charities that promote visual arts, performing arts, education or economic development.  Executive Director David Mitzel said that money is only a small portion of what’s being donated in the county.

"That $30,000 represents unrestricted money that we can give away in such a fashion, but the bulk of what we do in the community is last year we gave $1.25 million in grants, because people had set up funds benefiting certain charities," said Mitzel.

Mitzel said he’s looking for more people to set up funds that aren’t tied down to particular charities, because the community foundation can use unrestricted money where it’s needed most.  He said the area’s giving spirit impresses anyone who visits here.

"Most people who come to Zanesville from another city think they’ve landed in philanthropic heaven," said Mitzel.  "It’s just a community that has historically and currently been generous."

The grant competition is open until March 2, 2012.  Applications can be downloaded from