Nichole Hannahs

Kasey Klein Testifies

by Nichole Hannahs on February 2, 2012 at 4:34 am

Emotional testimony in the trial of Richard and Kasey Klein in the deaths of Kasey’s two sons, Ayden and Anthony.

When Ayden’s body was pulled from the Muskingum River in June he had shoes on over his one piece sleeper. But, Ayden’s teacher testified and his mother agreed because of his cerebral palsy it wasn’t possible for the boy to put on his shoes without help.

"He would have fell. He doesn’t have good balance," said a tearful Kasey Klein.

Her lawyer asked if he had fallen who would he have fallen onto.

"Anthony," she replied.

As Kasey clutched her son’s sleeping bag she said she remembers putting his shoes on over his sleep wear so he could play outside before bed, but they weren’t on when he went to sleep.

"I put them in the tent. I laid them down. I took off their shoes. I tucked them in. I kissed them," said Klein.

Kasey also agreed that her son, Ayden, would have fallen if he was walking toward the lock wall because as his teacher testified he could only walk 125 feet before doing so and would have had trouble getting up on his own. Kasey wrote to Richard while the two were in jail. She stated she became suspect when she read Richard’s statement about Ayden’s shoes.

"He said he didn’t know if Ayden had his shoes on or not. When they told him Ayden was found with shoes on he said he must of had them on, but he didn’t know. But, I took them off of him," said Klein.

Richard Klein’s defense questioned Kasey, saying that maybe she was mistaken about the shoes because she had taken a Zanex earlier and was tired.  Kasey again said she removed the shoes before the boys went to bed. They also asked why she hadn’t contacted Detective Mike Ryan about her suspicions and she said she told her lawyer.

Richard Klein did not take the stand. The defense for both Klein’s rested and the Jury will get the case on Thursday.