Lt. Governor In Zanesville

by WHIZ Reporter on February 14, 2012 at 5:22 am

An Energy, Education and Economic summit was held Tuesday at Zane State College. Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor was the keynote speaker.

She spoke on many topics including the state’s new Common Sense Initiative, and the importance of Shale Drilling. She said they key to economic success is cooperation from all parties in the process.

"Making sure that we have all of those agencies that are working together to make sure that we take advantage of the economic opportunity that we have here with shale, but also make sure that we have proper regulations in place to protect the health and safety of ohioans," said Taylor.

Zane State students were on hand for the Lieutenant Governor’s speech.
Taylor believed a well educated workforce is a key to help rebound the economy and to create gas, oil and energy jobs.

She adds that opposition to shale drilling — due to environmental issues shouldn’t keep ohio from being a model for other states interested in exploring shale energy.

"This is a great opportunity for us," Taylor added. "We’re going to work with all the interested parties to make sure we do have proper regulations to protect health and safety, but we don’t want to kill the opportunity we have to create jobs here in Ohio."

She added during her speech that the state was able to fill an 8 million-dollar budget deficit without raising taxes, and that the buckeye state is number one in the midwest in creating jobs.