Muskingum University Commemorates Glenn’s Orbit

by Jennifer Bullock on February 20, 2012 at 2:59 am

In our area, John Glenn’s Alma Mater is commemorating his anniversary through pictures…

Muskingum University is celebrating Glenn’s historic flight with exhibits in the school’s library. Librarian Kristin Cole said Glenn has a great relationship with the university and New Concord, and she remembers him for the person he is.

"Back when he went into space in 1999, they had the parade in Columbus, they also had a parade in New Concord. He, actually, he and Annie were on the float, and the residents of New Concord were able to come right up to him, and they had students, from the high school, were on the float with him," said Cole.

Cole said that aside from being an alumnus of the university, many of the events that took place in Glenn’s life were connected to Muskingum.

"So what we’re hoping to make students realize, because some of them might not be aware, is that John Glenn’s relationship with Muskingum has been continuous, from the time that he was a student, all the way up to present day, where he’s now a member of the board of trustees."

The exhibits will be displayed until the end of March.