New Device for Congestive Heart Failure

by Danielle Cotterman on February 1, 2012 at 5:21 am

Genesis is the first hospital in Central Ohio to implant a new cardiac pacing device – giving new options to patients affected by congestive heart failure.

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved use of the device, known as a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator or CRT-D. The new device is an improvement over those currently on the market because it features four electrodes to regulate the heart, opposed to only two that are used in current models.

"The patient basically used to have hiccups from the old system and we had trouble programming around this, and as a matter of fact, we used to have to do the surgery again to fix the problem,"  said Electrophysiologist Dr. Magdy Migeed. "The new electrode gives us the freedom of pacing from multiple sides of the heart that will translate into improvement of symptoms and improvement of heart function."

Worldwide, approximately 23 million people are affected with congestive heart failure and two million new cases are diagnosed each year. The new technology is expected to benefit many more patients in the area.

"These devices are planted in people who never had a device or it can be done in patients who already have a device and need an upgrade," said Migeed. "If it is indicated we upgrade them to an advanced devise that has multiple electrodes, as described before."

Dr. Migeed suggests those who are interested talk with their physician or cardiologist for more information.