Nichole Hannahs

Parents Face Child Endangerment Trial

by Nichole Hannahs on February 28, 2012 at 10:40 am

A trial started Tuesday in Zanesville Municipal Court for two parents who’s home was used for a house party in July where a teen died.

Zanesville City Law Director Scott Hillis said 45-year-old Warren and his wife 43-year-old Tamara Howard of Taylor Street are charged with eight counts of child endangering.

The charges aren’t related to the death of 14-year-old Grant Hickman, which took place at the Taylor Street home.

An autopsy report in November revealed that Hickman did not die of alcohol poisoning.

The Howards have plead not guilty to the charges. The trial started at 10 a.m. Tuesday.  Opening Statements have taken place and witness testimony is underway.