Potholes Create Problem for Travelers

by Jennifer Bullock on February 15, 2012 at 6:54 am

We may have avoided excessive snowfall this winter, but we’re still facing excessive potholes associated with the weather.

This time of year, potholes are popping up on roadways, causing problems for drivers and their vehicles. AAA Auto Club spokesperson Kimberly Schwind said drivers should take care of their vehicles, before hitting the roads.

"Some other things that people can do in terms of car maintenance, you really want to make sure that your tires are well maintained, make sure that they have adequate air pressure and sufficient tread depth."

Schwind said being aware ahead of time, can help drivers to avoid these hazards, that may not always be so obvious.

"Another thing is when it rains, puddles can actually disguise potholes. So if you see a huge puddle, don’t just assume that it’s water, you want to try to avoid that as well," said Schwind.

For additional tips on car safety and maintenance, visit www.AAA.com.