Prospect Students Tour OUZ

by Danielle Cotterman on February 4, 2012 at 6:14 am

Students interested in attending Ohio University Zanesville had the opportunity to tour the campus and hear first-hand from students already involved in the school.

More than 50 interested students and parents attended the winter open house.

Associate Director Jason Howard said the event is a great opportunity for high school students to learn more about the academic programs they offer.

"Ultimately we want them to go away feeling like they have an idea of what it’s like to go to school here and feeling comfortable that if this is their choice, they know that they’ve made the right choice," said Howard.

Current OUZ students conducted the campus tour and hosted a question-and-answer session, giving prospect students a true idea of the college experience.

"What we’re anticipating is students are going to want the real answers about experiences and why do you like it hear, and what do you think is good, and what do you think is bad?" said Howard. "We know certainly the conversation between students is always a little bit different and it’s also very real."

Another open house will be offered this spring – or to schedule a private tour contact the Office of Student Services at (740) 588-1439.