Residents Preparing for Weekend Snow

by WHIZ Reporter on February 10, 2012 at 5:59 am

With the threat of winter weather looming, local residents are stocking up on some necessary supplies.

The Pick-N-Save store on Howard Street was bustling with activity all day Friday.

Store Manager Rich Daughtery said he is seeing a lot of people come through the doors for the most essential items.

"It started very early this morning, about 7 o’clock there was a line," said Daughtery.   "People have been in and out all day grabbing a lot of break, and milk; the essentials sidewalk salt, and of course stocking up on some canned goods and so forth. "

Daughtery said his store is open late and fully stocked with the important items his customers need.

"It’s been so mild that it’s really our first taste of winter that we’re experiencing and I think people are just holding off until they absolutely know that, yes, it’s coming," added Daughtery.

Chief Meteorologist Wesley Sass said high temperatures for the weekend will only reach into the upper 20s.