Senior Citizens Depend on March Primary Votes

by Jennifer Bullock on February 21, 2012 at 5:07 am

Muskingum County senior citizens could be affected by your vote come March.

The Senior Citizens Levy currently provides services to area seniors. Center for Seniors Executive Director Terry Dunn said the renewal of the levy on March 6th will ensure these quality services for those who need them.

"We do the home-delivered meals, the congregate meals, which are the meals that are served here and at the dresden senior site, we do transportation, all types of activities and programming for the seniors here in muskingum county," said Dunn.

The center currently provides close to 500 meals per day for seniors. Dunn said that if the levy is renewed, the cost will be minimal to tax payers.

"A half-mill on a $100,000 home will cost the tax payer around $15.34 a year," said Dunn.

About 45 percent of the revenue needed to operate the programming comes from the levy. Dunn said to not think about it as just a levy, but to remember the people who it will affect.

"It’s a group of people who have served our country, served in business and industry and whatever, and it’s very important that they have these services available to them," said Dunn.

This levy is the only issue on the March Primary on the Muskingum County ballot.