Nichole Hannahs

State Grant Promotes Wellness

by Nichole Hannahs on February 22, 2012 at 1:48 am

The State of Ohio hopes to make Ohio residents healthier in the long run.

Steve Buehrer from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation spoke with employers about a grant through the state that hopes to make employees healthier. Buehrer said that they know employees can be overweight, diabetic and have health issues and that those suffering those affects have more workplace injuries and have a much slower recovery time.

"It will encourage employers to match dollars with the state to do wellness programs for employees so that hopefully we have a lot better outcome," said Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator Steve Buehrer.

He said that it’s important to make sure employees who are injured get back to work quickly and this grant becomes proactive rather than reactive.

"You got to get out in front of the curve. We think of wellness as a healthcare issue. It’s really a workers’ compensation issue too in terms as an outcome for those injured workers," Buehrer.

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is also working to improve safety and hygiene in the workplace, so that injuries don’t occur. Part of the visit also focused on talking to employers about real problems they’re facing and ways the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation can improve.