Students Showcase Creativity at Science Olympiad

by Jennifer Bullock on February 18, 2012 at 5:21 am

Students in Southeastern Ohio showcased their scientific talents Saturday.

Maysville Middle School played host to the Science Olympiad Invitational, an event the school has participated in for four years. Organizer, and parent, Paula Slack said she’s honored to work with such dedicated students.

"It’s neat to see the kids that come, that are excited, that have prepared. These are all extracurricular activities, none of the schools have classes, in this region anyway, and so these kids are making an extra commitment to come in after school to prepare," said Slack.

Seventh grade science teacher Kelly Law coaches Maysville’s team. She said Maysville got off to a bumpy start, but her students have come a long way.

"As the kids have gotten into it and have recognized what they need to do, they have just grown in their input into what’s going on, their practicing for what’s going on, and just their excitement as they’ve been successful," said Law.

Slack said she’s thankful for the community’s support of science programs.