Superbowl Celebration At Buffalo Wild Wings

by WHIZ Reporter on February 5, 2012 at 9:50 am

Superbowl fever swept through Zanesville as one local hotspot prepared for its big move.

We caught up with football fans at Buffalo Wild Wings on Maple Avenue.
Raffle tickets were sold all day for memorabilia items, and drawn during the big game.
Owner and Giants fan, Bob Sparks, said his regular patrons are excited for the move.

"I’m real excited about the new store, I can’t wait for everybody to see it with all the TVs and all the new lights and everything, so we’re excited," said Sparks.  "We appreciate all the business everyone in Zanesville has given us. We’re happy for that."

Waitress, Jerra Kullman, has worked at the Maple Avenue sports bar for the last eight years, and said Sunday was a day filled with mixed emotions for the staff.

"Just to think that we’ll be serving alcohol in this location, last night was the last time we had a DJ and the dance floor, it’s just very overwhelming it’s really bizarre to think of all the memories in here, and that we’re kind of leaving this and starting new ones over there "

Buffalo Wild Wings will re-open on February 20th, at its new location on Brandywine Boulevard.