“The Restoration” At Secrest Auditorium This Weekend

by Jennifer Bullock on February 28, 2012 at 5:14 am

It’s one of the biggest youth-focused events in Zanesville each year…

New Hope Church will host "The Restoration – Displayed" this Friday and Saturday (March 2 and 3) at Secrest Auditorium. New Hope Youth Pastor Adam King said that even though a church is hosting the event, everyone is welcomed to attend.

"It’s obviously designed to be an outreach. We want it to be an outreach. It’s not for church kids, it’s for everybody. We want kids that are facing issues, you have teenagers that are facing so many different things in their life," said King.

Those attending will hear guest speakers, and a variety of music. King said most of the money raised this year was in hopes of having Tim Tebow as a guest. But due to scheduling issues, he will not be able to attend.

"You know it’s kind of disappointing, but it’s exciting at the same time because the goal from the very beginning was to see a community come together, and they did. Um, we went out and raised an astronomical amount of money in just about 14 days of putting forth the effort to do so, and the community has done that, and we want to thank all of the sponsors," said King.

King said that this year, as far as sponsorships go, he’s seen more businesses, individuals, and churches willing to give what they can for the young people of the community. As far as having Tebow as a guest, King said he’s optomistic.

"Now this is still a possibility for the future. This could happen anywhere from a month to a year away from now. But a lot of those sponsors have been kind enough to say that that money that we’ve offered is still on the table for that opporunity, so it’s great to see."

For more information on the event this weekend, visit http://www.wearetherestoration.com/ .