Warm Winter Won’t Affect Crops

by Jennifer Bullock on February 29, 2012 at 5:24 am

The weather this winter has been unseasonably warm to say the least — so how is that going to affect locally grown food?

Farmers in our area are paying close attention to the fruit crops. OSU Extension Educator Mark Mechling said that of all the crops grown locally, there are a few he’s keeping his eye on.

"The apple crop typically could be, but the peaches, and plums, would be the ones that would be, the ones that would more likely to sustain some cold damage if those cold temperatures would come in," said Mechling.

We have yet to experience extremely cold temperatures for an extended amount of time, and Mechling said that with it being so late into the winter season, he’s optimistic that we’ll still have decent crops come summer.

"We’ll be able to determine better, probably in April and May, would be when.. We’d be pretty well assured that our chances of extremely cold temperatures would be over and we’d have a better handle on it."

Mechling said that if damage does occur, it should not affect all areas of the Buckeye State.