Zanesville Celebrates Black History Month

by Jennifer Bullock on February 12, 2012 at 8:22 am

Zanesville is celebrating Black History month…

The Putnam Underground Railroad Educational Center is hosting a series of programs in February to recognize the Y-city’s involvement in black history. Chairperson Kathy Brantley said she hopes residents are informed of lesser known facts about African-Americans in Zanesville.

"We would like to place emphasis on our roots on black history and celebrate the role in which the abolitionists played in this area in freeing over three hundred slaves," said Brantley.

Sunday featured Musical Reflections by Dr. Keith Brantley, as well as Liturgical Dance Expressions under Dr. Anita Jackson.

Brantley said our area holds a lot of history, and she wants people to experience it through active members in the community.

"Each Sunday we’ll have a special program presenting different churches in the community. Next Sunday we’ll have St. Paul AME praise dancers, under Debbie Woodall and we’ll also have Union Baptist Church," said Brantley.

The P.U.R.E. Center will also be hosting a luncheon on Friday, February 17 to honor the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. For more information on the P.U.R.E. Center and the events taking place, visit