Zanesville City Schools React to Shooting at Chardon

by Jennifer Bullock on February 27, 2012 at 3:16 am

The school shooting in Chardon brings up the question of how schools prepare in the event of such a tragedy…It’s rare but it does happen.

Locally, schools have lock down or evacuation drills each year, to prepare students for instances such as this. Student Services Coordinator Kevin Appleman said that Zanesville City Schools do have a plan in place, in case they face a similar situation like Chardon High School did on Monday.

"Practice those and just make sure that hopefully, it doesn’t happen here. You know, you can’t predict the future, um, we just try to have our things in place, so that if it, unfortunately, happened, then we’ll have to proceed with that," said Appleman.

Appleman said many of these incidents are a result of bullying or problems within the home… And in some cases, could be prevented.

"Our biggest thing with that, with kids picking on one another, is that the students don’t come and tell us…And it’s important that they let someone know, some adult, be it their parent, or someone, to let us know what’s going on so we can take care of that."

Appleman said his thoughts and prayers go out to the students and families of Chardon High School.