Zanesville Residents React to Winter Weather

by Jennifer Bullock on February 8, 2012 at 5:57 am

Whether it’s for six more weeks or not, winter is here in Zanesville – for now, and area residents are dealing with it.

After what has been a rather mild winter season, residents woke up to snow covered driveways, sidewalks and cars. Zanesville Resident Herbert Dailey said the weather added a little more time onto his daily commute for safety precautions, and he would have preferred the warmer temperatures to stick around.

"Well it’ll take a while to get used to, but we’ve done it before, we have to take what they send," said Dailey.

Though some residents see the sudden change as a hassle, Sandra Grizzard says she’s enjoying the winter wonderland, and that it’s just another winter in Southeastern Ohio, something she’s used to seeing.

"Oh I try to get out and see the sights and see the beauty of it, because this seems to be a beautiful time of the year…I just hope everybody gets out and enjoys it," said Grizzard.

Snow continued to fall for most of the day on Wednesday, with little accumulation to the roadways. Major roads were cleared quickly to ensure safe travel. Check the weather section of for updates on the area.