ZHS Students To Compete In Robotics World Championship

by WHIZ Reporter on February 29, 2012 at 4:16 am

Four students from Zanesville High School are taking their robotics creation to compete against students from around the world.

Jeffrey and Bradley Suciu, Harley Rider and Matthew Thompson are all a part of the robotics class at Zanesville High School taught by Dr. William Stewart.

In April the students will travel to Anaheim, California with their robot in hopes of winning world-wide recognition.

"I’d say we’re more excited than anything else, just to be able to represent our school," said senior, Jeffrey Suciu.

"Yeah, I’m sure when we get there, we’ll be a little nervous, but the accomplishments we have already made is just incredible for us," added junior, Matthew Thompson.

The robot must be able to collect different colored balls and blocks and transport them to various scoring pods around the course in order to win.

Senior Harley Rider said the Anaheim trip has got the school buzzing with excitement.

"A lot of people have been congratulating us in the halls, people I don’t even know come up to me in the halls and give you high fives, all the teachers are excited, it’s a pretty big thing," said Rider.

"I think something like this really sparks an interest in robotics, you know with the class maybe this semester don’t have a lot of kids, but I think after seeing what we did now, I think a lot more kids will be interested," added senior, Bradley Suciu.

The students said they have a few more modifications they want to make to their robot before the big match.