ZPD Officer Retires After 25 Years

by Kelly Choate on February 23, 2012 at 6:52 am

A Zanesville police officer is turning in his badge after 25 years of dedicated service.

On Thursday, Steve Jones was escorted in the Zanesville Police Department’s new squad vehicle to his retirement party in the municipal courtroom.

"It was kind of a surprise," said Jones.  "I think everything will sink in.  I’m a little apprehensive about retirement, but I’m over 50, and it’s just time to go."

Jones worked as an undercover detective for 15 years, and most recently, he was the commander of the special response team.  Jones said he has a lot of memories, but one day sticks out the most.

"The one that sticks out is the shooting that we had back in December of 2003," said Jones.  "We had to get a murder suspect out of a home, and I shot twice.  Unfortunately, his life was taken, and if we could take it back, we probably would, but that’s the biggest thing that stuck out."

Jones said he doesn’t have any big retirement plans, but he’s excited to spend more time with his family.