A Zanesville Boy’s Selfless 13th Birthday

by Jennifer Bullock on March 14, 2012 at 6:49 am

A Zanesville boy used his birthday party – To help others in need…

Thirteen-year-old Noah Cornell asked his friends to not bring him any presents for his 13th birthday…But instead asked for money, which in turn, he gave to the Muskingum Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

"They were, they kept on asking me at school why I would rather have the money than presents and I told them I was going to donate it… They thought it was kind of cool at first, but then they’d rather me probably have presents," said Cornell.

Cornell collected 170 dollars for the disaster relief fund. He says it’s a great feeling to be able to give back to people in need, within his hometown.

"It makes me feel good because when someone’s house catches on fire, I know that I’ll be helping them."

Cornell says if he could do it all over again, he would. He’s planning to do the same next year, for his 14th birthday.