Art Professor Demonstrates Work Live

by Jennifer Bullock on March 31, 2012 at 7:40 am

People had a chance to see an artist at work Saturday afternoon…

Professor dawson kellogg of the columbus college of art and design demonstrated glass blowing at the zanesville museum of art. Kellogg says he enjoys teaching others about the process of creating his artwork.

"Today I brought some of my students with me. I’m going to have them making little, kind of, traditional emphoric forms, that are similar to the ones that are upstairs," said Kellogg

The museum has an exhibition of Kellogg’s work on the third floor. Kellogg said glass work is like a show to him, because everything happens quickly.

"Some people really get nervous having people in the room watch them, like, even when we’re at school, or something, to come in and watch, really, we say, ‘vibes’ them. Because glass blowing is really what I call a ‘now process’. Once you start, you have to do everything ‘right now’."

The exhibition will continue through April 14th.