Bid Awarded for Rusty Rifle Rd. Project

by Jennifer Bullock on March 15, 2012 at 6:37 am

A bid was awarded today for a minor make over in an area of Muskingum County.

The county commissioners awarded a bid to begin upgrading the pump station on Rusty Rifle Road for the sewer department. Commissioner Jerry Lavy said Zemba Brothers, Incorporated will be heading up the project.

"Bids were reviewed by our engineer, Quicksall, W. E. Quicksall and Associates is the engineer and they’re the ones that reviewed the bid and came in and wrote the recommendation that that’s who we award the bid to," said Lavy.

Reviewing and awarding the bid was a quick process. Commissioner Lavy said they are unable to put a set deadline on the project just yet.

"They have to be notified within 15 days and the lift station will have to be built at that particular time, so it could be a few months yet before that is put into operation."

Commissioner Lavy said they hope to get the project started sooner than later.